New public safety football team snaps to it

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There is a great write-up in todays paper on the new football team (Roanoke Rampage). I cannot imagine that a huge story above the fold on Thanksgiving won’t help spread the word. Looking good guys. I can’t wait to be there at the game with maroon and orange paint on my bare chest….I just need a few more to spell out R-A-M-P-A-G-E!!!

Here is the link to the Roanoke Rampage homepage

Story by Amanda Codospoti
Roanoke Times
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Phillip Dillon limped to the sidelines.

“Ah. I pulled — a delicate muscle, shall I say?”

The 45-year-old Roanoke fire captain walked off his injury and was soon back in the huddle with his teammates, several former college football players and a former professional football player among them.

Monday was the third time that the Roanoke Rampage, a newly formed, minor league football team, has practiced.

The players are all firefighters, police officers and sheriff's deputies throughout the Roanoke and New River valleys, and the team is one of 25 in the National Public Safety Football League, which was established 12 years ago.

The Rampage's season begins in April.

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