Preston and his striper

Preston and his striper

Hey all, I am currently on vacation but I want to share an email with you that I just received pertaining to this blog. First off though is a picture of Preston and I with a Striper that he caught this morning. It is hard for me to write about that darn ampitheater mess when I am having fun on vacation. I will be writing about that mess when I get back.

Here is the comment I recieved via email this morning. Enjoy. Oh, and if you want to leave comments just click on the title of the blog post you want and you will see if there are any comments and it will give you the ability to leave your own. I plan on a little code change in the future which will make it show on the front page. If you would like you can also email comment such as this one below and ask me to post them or not. I always love hearing from the readers good bad or indifferent.

The comment:

You were ambushed at that union meeting. I guess someone didn’t intervene because he didn’t want the pack jumping on him. The mob had a few valid concerns but dumped their aggression on you instead of trying to find a balance with you. Since that time, I’m not aware if any of them have made any effort to improve anything here. I am certain that the people that hurt this department are glad you stopped writing and accepting comments exposing them.

The actions of the mob were short sighted. Sure they expressed their displeasure with you (I have disagreed with you on some things), but the only winner from their action was downtown.
The petty attacks on each other were and are wrong. The comments exposing how we are mistreated should continue. My issue and hopefully those of the readers are for the welfare of the firefighters. It is our management that has hurt us, so we have had no one to turn to for help. We have only been able to expose conditions by writing on the blog. It’s a shame many placed personal attacks here.

We have suffered many losses under the Burcham/Grigsby reign. We have lost and continue to lose benefits. Our workplace has become hostile from above. Morale is ever spirally down. Apathy grows and is reflected in all aspects of the job.
There is money for an amphitheater and other projects, but no raises for us, and the coming loss of the “insurance stipend”. This speaks of the regard council has for us. It’s shameful.

Please post articles like this and the comment by the ghost on the attack on firefighter pensions.
The blog serves a good purpose in the reasons you listed.

Keep up the good work.