Anyone ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? You know, where everything is the same every day. This game is kinda reminiscent of that. I am speaking of the Guns winning during the shootout in the end. Everything else was better. Over 3000 people attended. I have sat during Semi-pro games at the Roanoke Civic Center with less than that amount. I have a feeling next year will be even better. The event raised $11,600 for the Muscular Dystrop The whole story is up at with numerous images.

The Hockey Game is tonight. It benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association. It is a lot of fun. It will be tonight at 6pm at the Roanoke Civic Center. Be sure to be there.

I will be out of town this week. I will try to update if anything is sent in.

Apparently there will be a groundbreaking event on January 25th for the new Station 3 on Williamson Rd. I wasn’t invited…I only heard about it through the comments on a previous post. If you were invited, maybe you could snap a few pictures of the dignitaries heaving the first scoop with their golden shovels.

On a Secretary/Treasurers note…the tickets for the banquet are $35 a piece. If you did not understand that and sent in $35 for a couple you still owe.

I had a busy day today on the way back from Richmond. I snapped a few pictures of a house fire in Prince Edward County here and later drove up on an accident that Bedford FD ran here. If you need me call me or email me. Otherwise, I will see you guys at the Hockey Game on the 26th.

By the way, Todd Reighley is back in town and should be back to work in March.

Stay Safe.

Below are some events coming up. If you want to participate or help with any of them just let me know or whoever is involved.

Guns N’ Hoses Hockey on January 26th at the Civic Center

Banquet on Feb. 2nd at Holiday Inn Airport.

Bowl A Thon on March 29th – sign up by Feb. 1st. contact Charlie Adkins in Salem. Will be held at Lee Hi lanes in Salem.

Golf Tournament on May 29th same place and price as last year.

July 13 – 18, 2008 – Roanoke Valley MDA Camp

June 15-21, 2008 – Central Virginia Burn Camp. More information here

January 26th is the 5th annual Guns N’ Hoses Hockey Game. Check out their website for more information. The link is here: The picture below is from last year I believe.

The 2nd Annual Bowl A Thon will be on March 29th. Information below is from Charles Adkins of the Salem FD.

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

2nd annual IAFF/MDA “Fire in the Alley” Bowl-A-Thon.

MARCH 29. 2008 SAVE THIS DATE!!!!!
1400 – 1630 HRS

OK, I have been contacted by several Locals about the price increase of the team cost to play from last year.

The way this thing works is:

* Pick a team Captain( need your info by deadline Jan. 18, 2008)
* Team Captain picks 4 other players ( 5 Man or Woman teams ) must have $650.00 to play this year!!
* Cost per team is $650.00 ( Example: Each team member ask 12 family members, friends, bosses, etc… for a pledge of $10.83 will equal $130.00 per player and x 5 = $650.00)
* This will sponsor you in a MDA bowl -a – thon to raise money to send kids with some form of MD to summer camp, for these kids and parents are strapped by paying for medical bills, wheelchairs, walkers, and just day to day living, this intern gives the kids something special to look forward to at the end of summer and the wonderful parents a little break so the don’t break from day to day living.
* 20 teams are all we need.
* This is open to anyone that’s loves to bowl or just want to donate to the cause.( Not just IAFF members we tried that last year and got hardly any participation).
* You can get sponsored by a company from the area if this would be an easier way to reach our goals it is a tax deductible write off for this coming tax season.

FYI: If we do not have any captains by Jan. 08, 2008 we will have to consider canceling this event due to scheduling with Salem bowling alley,we had to reschedule last year multiple times and I don’t think they will be as accommodating this year.

If anybody feels like this is to much or to hard to accomplish, I want to here your ideas ASAP!!!!

Contact me at any time:

In Unity,

Charles D. Adkins/Director/VP-B
Salem Professional Firefighters Assoc.
Local #3478
Cell -(540)-309-4566

The dates for the MDA camp have been posted.


JULY 13 – JULY 18



Travis Collins created an IAFF Pumpkin and Station 9 created a Medic and Engine Pumpkin for their station.

Check them out here.

This Thursday and Friday, October 25th and 26th, Firefighters will be working at Bennington’s house. If you would like to help, please show up or contact Captain Willie Wines Jr. at #9 tomorrow to work on Thursday, and Captain Todd Stone at #1 today or Wednesday to help on Friday.

It is reported that News Channel 10 will be there on one of the two days to do a story on how the Firefighters are helping Jeremy finish his house. It would be great to see a lot of firefighters out there. Somebody please take some pictures.

You do not have to be skilled in a trade to help. Some of the work that will be getting done is building the garage (remember it is a log home and log garage), hard wood flooring installed, trim work inside and outside, as well as numerous other odd jobs here and there.

Jeremy appreciates all of the help he has gotten to this point. I believe that if we have enough people on these two days, we will be able to complete the job by November 11th.

Todd Reighley wrote:
If you can figure it I will cover lunch and drinks for both days. Don’t know if the union would authorize use of a credit card and I can cut a reimbursement check or If you can find one central lunch provider, I can call in and cover it with my CC. I would come out and throw down, but the 6,800 miles is a bit of a commute. Plus I wouldn’t make it back in time for morning roll call. Let me know what you figure out, I would like to lend a hand and thank the guys for pitching in.

So you guys work it out and get back to Todd.
Meanwhile, I am on vacation, out of town. If you need me, email me.


Jeremy’s house is coming along pretty well. There is still a lot of work to do. Mainly the trim (inside and outside) and hardwood floors. The electrician and plumber will be back next week to finish their work.

Craig Sellers, Matt Dewhirst, Lynwood English, Jeremy, and myself worked over two days to complete the tile in the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and laundry room. I am pleased to say that Jeremy should be finished with the grout by now.

Thanks so much to Captain Sellers for coming out and working 2 days and getting the tile down. I am glad to say that I learned a new trade. Not that anyone would pay me to lay tile, but I know the basics now.

WSLS News Channel 10 will be out to do a story on Jeremy’s house and how the firefighters are helping to build it on either the 25th or 26th. I understand that Captain Stone is getting a group of guys to come up on the 26th and there will be a group going up on the 25th as well. Please contact me or Jeremy if you would like to help. It sounds like we will be building the garage and working on the interior and exterior trim. If the hardwood flooring is in by then, we will be laying that down as well.

Channel 10 got the idea from reading the story on the blog.

Many others have helped do things up to this point. The response has been overwhelming of people wanting to help. Jeremy is hard to get a hold of when he is working on the house. If you need to talk to him or have a message for him, just get a hold of me and I will pass along the message.

I think that we can get the stuff complete by the November 11th. However, he will need all of the help he can get. It would be great to see the numbers there on the 25th and 26th like we had for the Habitat for Humanity project (You can view that story on the blog here).

The picture to the left is Craig Sellers installing tile in the laundry room. He related his help that day (Jeremy, Lynwood, and myself) to that of his sons helping him……..when they were 3 and 4. Just kidding. The tile looks great.

Captain Eddie Fielders Retirement Party will be tonight at 7pm at Hooters on Williamson Road. Everyone is invited.

Here is the information:

October 6 Charity Ride for Billy Altman
Motorcycle Ride to benefit the Altman Family Fund.

* 10am
* Va Dept of Fire Programs
* $10 per bike/$5 per passenger
* For information: Donald Hansen 531-7460 or

I cannot thank my brothers and sisters enough for the calls placed to help Jeremy out with his house. We have guys from Roanoke City and Salem who have offered to help. However, more help is needed. Get your crew together and give him or I a call to set up a time to go out and help. More information can be found here.

The 3rd Annual Blue Mass will be held at St. Andrews Catholic Church on Saturday (tomorrow) at 5:30 pm. Please plan on attending. If you can attend or even if you are working, think about making a dessert dish to share with everyone. Contact Kelcey Branch on A Shift today or Willie Wines Jr. (page him) and they will make sure your dish gets to the Church. Everyone is welcome.

UPDATE: The events at Rivers Edge will begin at 2 PM. There will be food and fun for everyone.
There will be a flag football game on Sunday at 2 pm at Rivers Edge. Plan on being there to root on Roanoke City against Roanoke County and Salem. Players need to be there at 2:30pm.

Chief Hoback sent out an email on the City email server about a “Last Lecture”. I recommend you watch the video and read the article. Maybe I will write a “Last Lecture” for you guys in a while. While it is kind of morbid, the thought behind it is certainly entertaining and intuitive. Basically it is about what you would say if it was your last chance to say it.

Thanks also to all of the comments on the Roanoke Fire/EMS Apparatus Staffing post (click here). I appreciate all of the comments as well as how they are written. I will hopefully get a chance to answer some of the questions soon. Continue to keep the comments professional and constructive.

One last thing is the HTR training held yesterday. The pictures are up on

Stay Safe

There will be a Motorcycle Ride to benefit Deputy Chief Billy Altman on October 5th.

Click here for more information.

Hey guys, I have a favor to ask of at least one of you. I need someone to take over the planning and overseeing of the Blue Mass as far as the firefighters are concerned.

The Blue Mass is going to be held on Saturday September 29th at 5:30 pm at St. Andrews Church. This will be the third year of the Blue Mass in Roanoke.

The Blue Mass is put on by the Knights of Columbus in recognition of service for Public Safety.

Everyone is welcome to attend. The firefighters attendance has been very weak the past two years and there are always numerous Police Officers.

All I need someone to do is coordinate the baking of desserts, usually on duty companies don’t mind baking some. Also you will need to get drinks, which I can probably do before I head out of town.

I will be in Richmond and will not be able to be there. If you have any questions, please let me know. If you can’t help, please plan on attending.




WHEN: Labor Day Weekend

September 2, 2007 9:00 pm – 12:00 am

September 3, 2007 8:00 am – 6:30 pm

WHERE: James River Conference Center

Downtown Lynchburg

SHIFTS AVAILABLE: Sunday night, September 2nd: 8:00 pm – 12:00 am

Monday, September 3rd: 8:00 am – 11:00 am

Monday, September 3rd: 11:00 am 3:00 pm

Monday, September 3rd: 3:00 pm 6:30 pm

**Feel free to pick 1 or more shifts.

Any and all help is appreciated!!**


1. Food Room – Pick up food donated by area restaurants. Serve food throughout the day. Make coffee, etc. Need 3 people per shift.

2. Mail Room – Tear pledges. Stuff envelopes & prepare envelopes to be mailed. Need 2 – 3 people per shift.

3. Registration: Help check in volunteers, sponsors, client families, and keep out the general public. Need 2 people per shift.

4. Carnival Games: Assist Carnival Coordinator, Winfred Campbell, with children’s games and other entertainment taking place outside the Telethon Site. Need 10 people per shift on Monday, September 3rd only.

5. Phone Operator Coordinator: Check in 4 shifts of phone operators, provide quick orientation, restock supplies, & bring pledges to MDA staff for tallying. Need 1 person per shift.

6. Set Tear-Down: Take down set Monday evening after the Telethon ends at 6:30 pm. Need 5 or more people.

Information below. Richard Lipes is looking into this and is hoping to set up a scrimmage soon.

Bragging Rights Flag Football Tournament

Funds raised will go to help our wounded US Troops that are in rehab for their injuries @ Walter Reed Military Hospital

Dates: Nov. 17th and 18th, 2007

8 vs 8 (3 linemen w/ the center eligible)

Guaranteed a min. of 3 games (win Sunday in the playoffs and play more)

$250 entry fee

13 teams entered last year with FDNY taking home the Championship Trophy. They will return in 2007 to defend their Championship as well as Camden City, NJ Firefighters and Alexandria Va., Firefighters.

I have been contacted by new teams and believe we will have more than 13 teams this year.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
D.J. Marasco
Howard Co. Firefighters
Bragging Rights Football

If you have information or pictures of the game please send them in to post.

The Bravest spanked the Finest 22 – 2.

Good job representing guys. It is good to see you all having fun out there for a good cause.

This years 2007 Roanoke Valley Professional Firefighters MDA Golf Tournament was a huge success. I had a blast this year and got a trophy for the third year in a row (last place if anyone is counting). My father was able to make it into town again for the golf tournament (neither of us is golfers). Jeff Oliver was our third and apparently nobody else wanted to play with us. Either way we had a blast. Many thanks to Tina O’Brien and Charlie Adkins for putting on a great tournament. Unofficially, we raised about $5000 for the MDA. Check out for more photos.

I almost forgot to tell you guys. There were 25 cases of beer consumed at the Golf Tournament. There were only 112 players. You do the math.

Here is my swing. Move over Tiger.

The Hooters Girls are always a staple at the Golf Tournament.
Tonight is the raffle for the Virginia Lottery. I know a bunch of Firefighters who have bought tickets. I will post the winning numbers after they come up at 9pm. Unfortunately, you can not view the Lottery websites on City computers. Good luck.


169192 169399 192335


101669 221782 223076

500 Bucks

000739 001768 003646 003703 004153 006134 006728 007841 008187 008217

008961 010032 011498 012709 015294 015317 015810 016333 019086 022985

023567 023625 025906 027900 028187 031298 031537 032122 034100 034286

034567 034732 037023 038196 039918 041165 043926 045019 045104 046142

046909 048671 049163 049359 050486 056458 056679 056836 061013 061613

061843 062002 063255 064071 065525 066595 068223 068230 068244 069568

070258 072046 072719 072731 075917 077156 077236 080983 081595 081847

082077 083976 085642 086174 086519
086692 088146 092764 094772 095695

096231 098693 098859 099964 100154 102733 104532 109459 111285 111394

114631 115263 116698 120833 121488 122575 122946 123154 124116 124344

124844 125430 126070 129191 130010 130120 130123 130223 133416 135135

135156 135268 136349 136832 138709 140974 141480 144636 144925 145619

146228 146890 147852 148986 149161 149166 149788 151783 151787 152579

152874 152906 153759 154647 155703 156774 157336 158644 158982 159792

160433 163828 167261 167922 168108 171996 172370 173080 173082 173557

173907 175543 175750 176770 177083 178686 178929 178984 179069 181172

181470 182945 183161 184810 185663 185894 186472 186663 187780 188104

188552 191239 193858 195850 196598 197803 198205 198663 199044 199671

200038 200815 201969 203663 204778 206028 206138 208484 209004 211554

216115 216864 218238 219209 220467 220499 221882 223804 224187 225160

225644 227056 229215 231035 232488 234522 235875 236269 236591 236972

238293 240148 240608 241212 241326 242364 242609 244162 245141 245980

246486 246503 247237 247815 248046
248192 250361 251627 252168 253563

254214 255147 257580 258397 258722 259928 260578 260755 261203 262752

264133 264380 264728 265481 265928 266994 267579 267832 268264 269148

270352 271073 271369 271952 271997 272747 273165 273412 274151 277316

277740 278895 280779 284427 284688 285880 286532 286603 291299 294251

294304 296994 298703 299454 301835 303013 304568 305211 305217 306434

307142 307248 307260 308584 314059 314168 317768 318060 320018 320065

320739 320917 322464 323810 326127 326149 326877 328625 329651 329702

In case anyone was wondering, I didn’t win.

Hey Guys,

Tina needs to know who is playing in the golf tournament. If you have 1-4 members for a team give her a call at #2 or let me know and I will jot it down. If you are looking for a person or two to fill out a team, let me know. We have some stragglers already.

Oh and the really good news!!! I didn’t realize it but this years extra raise for those of you who get above a 91 on your evaluations is actually 1%, not .5% as I had originally thought.

From April 30 – May 3, 2007, Roanoke Firefighters travelled to Alexandria to participate in the 2007 Rescue Challenge. Below is Lt. Travis Simmons, FF Richard Lipes, Lt. Chuck Sharp, and Captain R.T. “Skippy” Flora. Click here for more of the story on

Thanks to Lt. Chuck Sharp for the pictures.