Reminder: Benefit Book Signing in Roanoke at First Due Fire/EMS Gear for injured Firefighter Kevin Jamerson of Moneta Volunteer Fire Department Tomorrow Saturday April 28th 1pm.

I will be at First Due Fire/EMS Gear signing copies of “Firefighting in Roanoke”.

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On April 15th, the firefighters of Station 3 (Sixth and Rorer) are inviting friends, family, and citizens to the station for a farewell to the nearly 100 year old building. There will be good food, catered by Lt. Nathan Foutz and Lt. J.J. Price, and drinks (sodas I am sure). The event is planned from 1pm til around 5pm.

If you have never made it to an event attended by a bunch of the retired firefighters, this would be a great opportunity. You think you know the history and tradition, well I have news for you, you don’t know anything until you listen to them. Those guys will tell you a story with such passion that you will think you were there yourself.

This wasn’t the original station 3. There was a station 3 at 4th and East, near where the main post office is now. When the department went fully paid, they renumbered it station 2. In 1909, they built a new station at Sixth and Rorer and numbered it 3. It has been there ever since.

Once the new Headquarters Station opens, we will lose the number 3. Engine 3 and Medic 3 will become Engine 1 and Medic 1. Once the new station, replacing station 10, on Williamson Road opens near Hershberger, they will renumber it station 3. Therefore Engine 10 and Medic 10 will become Engine 3 and Medic 3. At least that is what I am told.

So come on out on April 15th and celebrate the old station.

On April 28th there will be a benefit book signing for Kevin Jamerson at First Due: Fire/EMS Gear at 1 pm. Read more about the event here.
Left to right; Rhett Fleitz, Natasha Ryan, and Kevin Jamerson

The more important thing is that Kevin, Sarah Fuhrman, and I were interviewed by Natasha Ryan of News Channel 7. Check out the story and video here. Funny story: Natasha asked me to spell my first and last name when we first went on camera. I blanked out. It was hilarious. She had to ask me again.

I am not sure she was interested in me or the book at all.
Here I am getting set for sound

All that and they only used about 5 seconds of it. Not a big deal though. Thanks to Sarah Fuhrman for the pictures. The event is being sponsored by First Due: Fire/EMS Gear.




Roanoke Fire Fighters Association #1132

Salem Professional Firefighters Association #3478

Roanoke County Local #3194

Town of Vinton Local # 4316

To Benefit:

The Muscular Dystrophy Association

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hanging Rock Golf Course

Salem, VA

Tournament begins at 08:30 am. – Shotgun Start

Be at the golf course by 8:00/4 man teams- Captains Choice

Entry Fee: $320.00 per four man team and includes:

Greens fees, Cart fees, Lunch, Beverages, and Snacks

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place teams

Prizes for ( Men and Women’s ) Longest Drive & Closest to the pin

Hole in One Prize/ 25,000 CASH, 7 Day Cruise, Golf Clubs 2-PW,

and $500 Golf Shop Credit

Red Tees / 5 for $20.00 per team

Mulligans / 5 for $20.00 per team

Grand Prizes / Door Prizes

50/50 raffle / Betting Hole

For more information contact:

Tina O’Brien (540) 467-6563 (Roanoke)

Charles Adkins (540)-309-4566 (Salem)

Make Checks Payable to RFFA

Mail checks to:


P. O. Box 1132, Roanoke, VA 24006

The Roanoke Firefighters took on the Roanoke County Firefighters in a friendly game of flag football yesterday. Unfortunately for the County, the City brought a case of whoop ass with them this time. The final score was 44 – 19.

From what I hear, the guys really had a good time. If you would like to see pictures head over to First Due Fire/EMS Gear.

Maybe next time I will make it out there so you guys can watch me practicing falling down.

The guys at Station 3 are planning a farewell party for the Fire Station which will be closing in about a month. On April 15th from 1pm til around 5pm, stop by and enjoy some food and beverage and reminisce about the nearly 100 year old station.

Fire Station 3 was opened on April 12, 1909, and will have just celebrated its 98th Anniversary when it is closed for good. The station was home to horses and horse drawn fire apparatus when it opened. The station has seen some changes over the years. Around 1950, the front facade which read No. 3 Engine House fell off of the top of the station onto the front ramp. The hose tower was removed from the roof line up, the hay loft is now used as additional bedroom, the room known as the kitchen now was added on in the 60′s I believe and was originally used as a radio communications room/alarm room.

I will have more information soon on the event.


Firefighter Kevin Jamerson of the Moneta Volunteer Fire Department
Roanoke Fire-EMS Lieutenant Rhett Fleitz will be on hand signing copies of his new book…

APRIL 28, 2007– 1pm
At First Due Fire/EMS Gear

Kevin is a member of the Moneta Volunteer Fire Department and was involved in a tragic accident on Nov. 4th, 2006. Kevin had just returned to the station from a fire when a platform he was standing on gave way. Kevin fell head first onto the concrete bay floor below and the platform crushed both of his feet. Kevin is married with a young son and has been out of work since the accident. Please stop by and show your support to Kevin and his family.

Chief Hoback Addresses the Crowd

Today marked a significant Anniversary for the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department, one hundred years as a completely career Fire Department. (Read More)

According to the Maurice Wiseman Project on Local

March 31, 1907 - The Roanoke City Fire Department became fully paid with uniformed men and the Volunteers disbanded, most of which were hired by the department.

Roanoke Firefighters took to the streets today for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown Roanoke. The event was cold, but luckily well attended. Check out this link for the whole story.

Engine 3

This is a video of Warpipe playing at the Parade. I will have more uploaded soon. I am experiencing yet another issue of Windows Vista and its lovely security features. For you guys at work, I think that the City blocked Youtube, which is where it is hosted, so you will see a big black area. Sorry.
The Greater Roanoke Police and Fire Emerald Society

This is an interesting banner by the Roanoke Police Officers Association. More on that Monday.

Roanoke’s Bravest will be marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade today. The guys from Station #2 A-Shift will be walking with the Dalmatians of Dalmatian Rescue.

I will be Downtown at the parade taking pictures. Afterwards, I will be attending the 100th Anniversary at Fire Station #1. I hope to see you Downtown.


Several of the “Bluepatch” Firefighters have decided to organize the “The 1st Annual Bluepatch 1.5 mile Commemorative Dash” to relive the once popular task of running 1.5 miles to test the true fitness of firefighter candidates. Back in the day, firefighters had to run the 1.5 miles as well as do pull-ups, sit-ups, walk a balance beam, and other strenuous activities. The 1.5 miles had to be completed in 12 minutes.

The event location will be announced soon. If you have suggestions on a suitable track let Tim Jordan know at 13 B-shift. The event will be held on May 5th (Cinco da Mayo). Afterwards, for the ones left standing, there will be a social get-together at a local establishment (TBA).

If you are one of the firefighters who had to run the 1.5 miles and want to participate, let Tim Jordan know. Final eligibility will be determined by Captain Jay Ransome…Huh.

If you are a newer firefighter who didn’t have to run the 1.5 miles, you might be needed for medical standby.

The participants are not required to run the entire 1.5 miles and may finish the distance in whatever manner they deem necessary (no motorized vehicles allowed; i.e. hoverounds, powered wheelchairs, or mopeds).

Workers Comp. claims will not be honored for this event. However, if you are injured you will be allowed to go on light duty…maybe.

2007 Annual Roanoke Valley Guns and Hoses Hockey Game
Click the picture for the article and more pictures.
Pictures by Michael Overacker
This is a reminder of the Guns N’ Hoses 4 Hockey Game tonight at 5pm at the Roanoke Civic Center. Youth Hockey begins at 5, the Firefighters VS. the Police begins at 6/6:30. Be sure and come out to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The Roanoke Fire-EMS/Roanoke Fire Fighters Association Color Guard began the event with the posting of the colors.

The Color Guard members are L-R Noel Gardner,
John Burrows, Daryl Songer, and R.T. Flora
Last night was the 2006 Annual Awards Banquet held by the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association Local 1132. The event was held at the Holiday Inn, formerly the Clarion, and was an enjoyable evening.

The highlights of the Banquet are the Retirement Axes handed out to the Firefighters who retired during the past year, and the awards giving to firefighters for exceptional acts including Firefighter of the Year.

Of the retirements over the past year, the firefighters who were present to receive their retirement axe were; Billy Obenchain, Oscar Smith, John Sweeney, and Michael Overacker.

Michael Overacker photographed the evening, so this is the picture
of him receiving his retirement axe.

This year the coveted “Firefighter of the Year” award actually went to 5 firefighters for a double rescue that occurred at a house fire. Captain Scott Mutter, 1st Lt. Scott Alford, Lieutenant Jamie Brads, Firefighter George Harris, and Firefighter Eric Mulford performed two rescues on the scene of a house fire. Congratulations to all you guys.
Receiving the award for Firefighter of the Year are: L-R Scott Alford, Eric Mulford, Jamie Brads, and Scott Mutter. George Harris was unable to attend.

Special Thanks to Vice President Tim Parry for all of the planning that goes into providing the banquet. The many hours of preparation paid off, and it seemed as though everyone enjoyed themselves.

My lovely Bride, Becky, and myself at the Banquet

On another note: There has been a lot of discussion about the Banquet and where it is held, whether we should have a DJ or a Band, the cost of the banquet, and when it is held. In the coming months the RFFA will be revisiting the planning of the event to make sure that we are planning the best possible banquet for all of our members to enjoy. Feel free to leave comments on what you would like to see change or stay the same.

I was unable to take many pictures during the event. Michael Overacker took many photographs of the event and will have them available soon.

Guns N’ Hoses 4 will be on January 13th at the Roanoke Civic Center. The annual event benefits the MDA and pits Roanoke Valley Firefighters against Roanoke Valley Police Officers in a friendly game of hockey. More information can be found here.