Medic 6

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Roanoke Fire-EMS has put a new ambulance into service at Fire Station #6. The new ambulance replaces an older ambulance. Roanoke’s ambulances are the busiest vehicles in the fleet and are replaced about every 4-5 years. The ambulances run a majority of the 30,000+ calls that Roanoke Fire-EMS responds to each year. Roanoke has 7 ambulances in service. Medic 1 is located at REMS, Medic 2 at station 2, Medic 3 at station 3, Medic 4 at station 4, Medic 6 at station 6, Medic 9 at station 9, and Medic 10 at station 10. All of the Medic units are staffed full-time by Roanoke Fire-EMS Firefighter/EMT’s and Firefighter/Paramedics with the exception of Medic 1. Medic 1 is staffed during the day and occasionally at night by part-time EMT’s and Paramedics, as well as being staffed with volunteers during some evenings and weekends. All of the Medic units are staffed with Advanced Life Support (ALS) personnel and equipment. This means that there is at least one Paramedic on the Medic units all the time with any equipment they might need to perform there duties. All of Roanoke’s Engines and Ladder trucks are staffed with Basic Life Support (BLS), which means that there are at least 2 Firefighter/EMT’s on each truck. Currently there are only a few Firefighters who are not EMT’s, these personnel are certified First Responders.

In case of emergency call 911.

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