Station 1 Firefighters Create a TV Stand with a Fire Alarm Pedestal

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Once again, the firefighters at Station 1 have outdone themselves. They have created a tv stand out of an old fire alarm pull box pedestal. The stand was repainted and refurbished to hold the tv in the kitchen of the new Fire Station 1.

Roanoke had fire alarm boxes in service from the late 1800′s until the year 2000 (give or take a year). When I came to the department in 1999, we still had several throughout the City. The main reason why the boxes were taken out of service was because of all of the false alarms and the advent of the 911 system. Today, with the use of the 911 system and the fact that most people have cell phones, most emergencies are taken care of without the need for pull boxes. One interesting note is that Cities like Boston still use the systems and still believe in their effectiveness without many false alarms to hamper the firefighters.

Great job on the tv stand. Thanks to Lt. Baron Gibson for the pictures.

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