Clash in the House of Delegates

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Recently, there was a clash in the House of Delegates between the Republicans and Democrats. I was not particularly fond of the reasoning or outcome. However, what really set me off was the fact that in my view of the events, Morgan Griffith made a mockery of us wanting simple rights for Public Safety. Those simple basic rights are that of bargaining for a decent contract by abolishing the prohibition on Collective Bargaining in Virginia. Apparently, Griffith does not feel as though the Public Safety Officials in Virginia deserve the same as in other States. I wonder if he would feel the same way if he were exposed to some of the strong armed, retaliatory, and otherwise unchecked Management styles of some Fire and Police Departments in Virginia.

Read about the clash between Ward Armstrong and Morgan Griffith here and here.

Hell, all we want is a seat at the table, a fair shake, and some checks and balances on policy.

Below are some of the videos related to the articles linked above. If anyone knows of any links to other videos related to this let me know.

I must say that I stand behind the IAFF when they speak of Bipartisan Politics. I will support any delegate of any party as long as they support me. However, it is hard to do when you have all of the House Republicans allowing this conduct to occur.

Furthermore, Griffith told Ward Armstrong (A strong supporter of Firefighters) that he (Armstrong) was either for the Commonwealth or for Unions. So I guess that makes us 2nd Class Citizens.

As with anytime we come across someone who doesn’t appreciate us; I always like to remind them that we don’t care who you are, where you came from, what your views are, or if you like us or not… WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU IN YOUR TIME OF NEED.

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