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Apparently now just because you hold a title you are right. At least that is what some Council Members think. Council Member Gwen Mason says in an interview with WSLS says that Management assured her that the proposed cuts wouldn’t change anything. This is hard to comprehend. The Fire Chief says one thing and 250+ Firefighters say that he is wrong. In a detailed 40+ page report the Firefighters lay out the significance of the proposed cuts and still no one listens. The Firefighters try every available outlet to discuss the issues in a very professional manner and yet their voices are unheard. The Fire Chief says that we can take away an Engine and nothing will change, yet he couldn’t be more wrong. First and foremost, one thing that not too many have taken into account is that the Firefighters views of the Fire Chief has changed. What does this mean, well it means everything. Long ago, a product of no confidence in the leader led to mutiny. In current times, you may not see mutiny especially in a para-military Department such as ours. However, you will see even the bootlickers checking the taste in their mouth to see if they like it anymore. What will this produce? I am not exactly sure, but the things I am hearing might send a message.

Firefighters are not allowed to strike, even if we could we aren’t the type of people who let our jobs not get done. If you were privy to the conversations I am, you would be surprised by what you hear. A Captain explained it best in the Council meeting when he said that Firefighters used to talk about how long they had been here and now they talk about how long they have to go. It is evident that we are only numbers. Not the City Council, not the City Manager, Not the Fire Chief, not the Deputy Fire Chiefs could care if we have a name with our faces. That could not be more evident with the way they have treated Mary Thompson. I will be happy to pull the first knife out of her back. 23 years of dedication to the Fire Department and she is told to pack her boxes. Only one person in Administration has been here longer and yet it means nothing. If that doesn’t send a message to potential Firefighter candidates I don’ t know what does.

I have tried my best to be honest about the job to potential candidates. I don’t paint a rosy picture and usually I sell the job by talking about our greatest asset…our Firefighters. I will put you guys first and I think you know that. Of course, Roanoke City claims the same outlook, but we know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What is more is that not City Council, not the City Manager, not the Fire Chief actually knows what is going on. There is talks of the guys coming back from Clearbrook, over hiring, and still the budget cuts. Getting rid of one position in Administration only to turn around and hire two more. Who knows what is going on? All I know is our work load gets heavier and heavier.

Who really cares anymore? I will tell you who cares. We care. If we didn’t care we wouldn’t have fought for the positions. If we didn’t believe in it we would have not bothered.

Apparently Jay Warren has the same thought process as our Fire Chief. He states that

Calling an ambulance went up as well, although your insurance should cover that increase.

Yeah, so insurance just pays for this out of the kindness of their hearts right. WRONG. We pay for it. You and You and You and You. Insurance premiums will go up more and more and more and more. Nothing is free.

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