Roanoke City Deployment to Cameron Parish, Louisiana

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The members of the Roanoke Deployment team are from right to left: Scott Agner (Water Authority), Audie Ferris (Fire-EMS), Alan Austin (Fire-EMS), Todd Reighley (Fire-EMS), Danny Brabham (Police), David Pope (Fire-EMS), and Paul Lynch (Fairfax Co. Building/Engineering) We are scheduled to return to Roanoke on October 19th.

Our team of 7 members is in Cameron Parish Louisiana,manning the Emergency Operations Center(EOC) for the Cameron Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness. We have been using the Emergency Support Function framework from FEMA ( to distribute responsibilities and manage the EOC. Our mission this time is different than during Hurricain Rita, who’s members filled a more operational role. We are working 12 hours a day in the Emergency Operations Center supporting the Parish’s recovery and we are housed on site. The EOC is located at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Cameron Prairie Wildlife Refugue’s Head Quarters.

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