Increased Money for Public Safety…

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I couldn’t help but notice about a minute into the video below the mention of increased money for public safety. I fail to see how that is an accomplishment of anyone’s. I find it hard for anyone to claim that accomplishment due to the fact that our budget has been cut year after year after year. We have lost many positions, seen others moved, and witnessed the administration side of the Fire/EMS Department get bloated, yet it has all been done while the budget gets cut.

And then there is the audacity for the Roanoke School Administrators to give themselves a raise after teachers lost their jobs. Watch below. If these people can’t see what is wrong with their actions they have no business running the school system!!! Only one was given a 4% raise which is according to a WSLS reporter to be approximate to the Cost of Living raise. If 4% is the cost of living raise then I have only had one cost of living raise in 10 years, all the others didn’t measure up! Some of those school administrators got up to 32%. Ha ha ha. I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank. Aren’t we a bunch of suckers!

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