Charlie Fochtman Retires

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I kinda missed this one by a little bit. Captain Charlie Fochtman retired last month. Charlie was last assigned to Station 11 on C-Shift. I spoke with him the other day and he is packing up and moving to Avon, North Carolina. I don’t blame him one bit! I wish I could join him!!!! Enjoy the picture below circa early 90′s. Enjoy retirement Captain!



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  1. Marci Stone says:

    Todd doesn’t keep me in the loop on anything, love this picture of Charlie. All I have to say is “Blah-ha” Charlie will know what that means. Love to my most favorititis’ Captain in the whole wide world! Congrats for reaching your dreams. We will come visit you when we are in OBX. You were a tough one but taught me the most. Thanks for believing in me. Love your little girl-Marci <3

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