Chief Obenchain is Laid to Rest

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Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain was laid to rest today.

As the Preacher said in the service….Billy was a firefighter….Truer words have not been spoken.

All of those who had a part in the service should be proud of a send-off worthy of a hero.

I think we did an excellent job paying a special tribute to an extraordinary guy…Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain.

The funeral and interment were outstanding. I do not know that anyone could have spoke better about Billy than Jeremy, his oldest son, did.

I am sure that Mike will post pictures over at…mine are below. If you would like a full size image, please email me at and I will send it. Let me know which picture by picture name!

Click through the images twice to see the full size.


5 Responses to “Chief Obenchain is Laid to Rest”
  1. Robert (captain) says:

    What a great show of respect to your friend and brother! I’m really sorry for your lose and the life of what seemed like a great person being cut short. Even though i didnt know him, I think he would be very proud of the thoughts and remarks left by his friends and co-workers!

  2. Karen Obenchain says:

    I don’t know how to thank you all for everything you did for Billy and our family. Words can not express the love and admiration we have for each of you. Billy loved being a firefighter and was so proud to be a Roanoke City Firefighter. He could not have had a more fitting send off thanks to all of you. Thank you for sharing the pictues.


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