Lieutenant Leroy Edwards Retires

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1038Lieutenant Leroy Edwards retired from the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department after 34 years on the job. Leroy was hired by the Roanoke Fire Department on December 15, 1975.

Leroy’s most recent assignment was the ladder Lt. at Station 13 on A-Shift. He filled that position for a long time.

I have enjoyed changing out with Leroy for years in the morning when C-Shift relieves A-Shift. Leroy and I have had a great relationship of jabbing at each other every morning until one of us gets pissed off and leaves! Just kidding, kind of.

Leroy had a retirement party at the fire station and I was able to stop by. Actually it is the only one I was able to make it to. There was also a retirement party at the Homeplace for Clonnie and Leroy. I have pictures from both events.

Thanks to Mike Overacker for the video below and Tim Cady for the photos from the Homeplace. The photo to the right is from Maurice Wiseman.

The video is great! This was a song that was sung and Leroy joined in…a great passage on to retirement. Leroy and the rest of these guys have a lot to be thankful for…mainly a long and healthy career.

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