Shall We…..?

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For one reason or another, I have had a lot of requests to fire this thing up…

I am looking for your input though.

I want to know in the comments if I should spend the time to get this blog up and running again. We have had numerous retirements, people leaving, and other events since I stopped posting. There have been some shady dealings going on, firing, disciplinary action, and a bunch of other stuff. There has been stations closing down, a new station opening, and new firefighters hired.

Just let me know in the comments. Otherwise it will continue on like it has been……..idle.


5 Responses to “Shall We…..?”
  1. c adkins says:

    Fire it up is my vote!!

  2. Capt. Wines says:

    Bring it back! You captured and covered so much of our history…. Without sites like this, who else will?

  3. Ghost says:

    Yes Rhett, I hope you open it back up. I know it takes your time and you will be criticized by admin, but it is a good place for information sharing. On the positive side, there is news about retirements, meetings, training, apparatus, upcoming events, political issues and things of interest to our personnel.
    But It is also one of the only ways we can complain anonymously about the terrible way we are treated and the current administration without being retailated aganist. Things are bad here. We need a way to get the word out.
    Its a shame that some want to blame you for the comments.
    I think I understand why you let it idle for so long.
    There are assassins everywhere.

  4. Spencer says:

    your legions of fans have eagerly been awaiting your return.

    Next trip up there you’ll have to go with me to REMS to look at old stuff.

    Pray for the families of the RMFD firemen. A terrible day in the fire service.


    no. 1 fan from danville, Spencer

    PS, Buddy, Morgan, and Carson say Hi, too.

  5. Matt says:

    Looks like it is a great service to those in your station to record what goes on. Keep it going.

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