Ah….What can we say. I imagine that Battalion Chief Bobby Slayton might take the award for being asked the most times about when he is retiring. I don’t think anyone did it out of rudeness, but moreso to see if he was going for some record.

Chief Slayton was hired on December 6, 1965. Up until his retirement on July 1, 2010 he held the #1 spot on the Seniority list for a long long time!

The truth is that Chief Slayton has been a Battalion Chief since before most of the current department members were hired. He was actually considered a District Chief at the time. Then they changed the title to Battalion Chief.

I had the honor of working for Chief Slayton for several years. He was a great guy!

Here are some photos from his retirement party. He got a little choked up, but wouldn’t you?