This has got to be a joke. Apparently, one of Roanoke County’s Chiefs has said that any County firefighters who are hurt playing football for the team being established will be let go once they run out of time.

I sure hope that this is a joke.

What if someone gets hurt doing something else? What if a firefighter is injured in a vehicle accident? Playing soccer? Gets hit by a meteor?

You get my point. What are the past practices for extended injury/illness in the County. Is this normal consequences for being unable to work and running out of time?

Any County FF’s want to give me their point of view?

Roanoke County has purchased a Pierce Quantum. The rig will be stationed at their new Station 1 when it opens later this year.

See more photos here: New Delivery – Roanoke County Wagon 1 : – Virginia’s Premiere website for Fire, Firefighting, Rescue, and Hazmat News.

Barry Brown, a Roanoke County Firefighter, is running in the IAFF Burn Foundation Marine Corps Marathon. He is raising money for the IAFF Burn Foundation.Please take a minute to check out Roanoke County’s website and give money for the worthwhile cause. At the right is a picture of Barry at the event in 2007.

Link to Roanoke County IAFF site