MVA on I-581

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There was a six vehicle wreck on 581 today at exit 3B near Valley View Mall. E-2 marked in command on scene with multiple vehicles and entrapment. E-5 arrived and began extrication on a pick-up truck. L-1 was called for and dispatched to assist with the extrication. Three people were transported to the hospital. Other units which responded were BC-2, BC-3, Engine 9, Medic 2, Medic 6, Medic 9, and RS-1.

Due to copyright infringement I cannot copy and paste as I have done before. So I am now following the rules and posting the link to the Roanoke Times story. It includes a picture. I will however try to acquire reprint permission in the future.

Here is the story:

I will post the new link if it changes since I think I have more information printed than they do at this point. The archive articles after 3 days I think which means you have to pay to read them online.

Here is WDBJ7′s story:

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