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Just to clarify things, I was not sought after for copyright infringement. I contacted the Roanoke Times to feature the blog since they are looking for blogs to feature on their website. In doing so I knew there was a possibility that they might have a problem with me copying and pasting some of the articles pertaining to the firefighters. After all I did not get permission to reproduce these articles. I do not know if I would have gotten permission or not. I have communicated with the online editor about this issue and he stated that I could ask for permission to reprint the articles. My whole issue with this is that after 3 days they archive the articles which are printed online, and offline possibly. He was thankful that I was honest and sincere about the issue. I will inquire about reprint permission. Until then I guess I will just write what I will about the incidents that I feel have purpose in being posted. I will link to any articles and then I will seek reprint permission.
So all in all he was very understanding about the whole deal and was not threatening about any of it.

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