Firefighters Business Database

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I am going to add a new page to this site. It will list the businesses that are operated, owned, or employ our fellow firefighters. Please email me at with your name, Company, phone number, and shift. Look for this page to be added in the near future. Feel free also to page me, call me or contact me in person at station 8 C-shift or at the Credit Union.
Ok I have added the new page. You can get to it at If you would like to see your site listed please contact me with the proper information and I will add it.
I really think that I will have to branch out to an actual website soon. I just need to find a host and I think the site will be or something like that since is already taken. I am itching to do this, I just need a little help in getting started. Like where to find a host and how to get the domain name I want. I could use my adelphia address, they give me web space, however I do not want to run over the limit and have to find a new home. So if anyone out there could help then hit email Rhett Fleitz on the right under links and let me know. I appreciate it. I also know that once I make the switch sky will be the limit. Of course I will keep the blog open. So who wants to give me a shove in the right direction?

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