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I hope everyone got to see the article (click Iron Sports above for link) on Battalion Chief Ricky Trout’s motorcycle shop as well as his wife’s love of the Dalmation Rescue. I thought that the article really showcased the shop well and brought positive attention to the Firefighters of Roanoke City. Unfortunately due to the paper being botched up because of the power outage the picture of Ricky and Skippy (R.T. Flora) was not very good. However we all know of the excellent work that those guys do. If you haven’t seen Skippy’s bike that he built you need to. I will try to get ahold of a picture to post for you guys.
You can go to Iron Sports Custom Motorcycles on the web at:
The Dalmation Rescue ( is another story. I got to see the guys at Station 2 A-shift in action with these dalmations at the St. Patricks Day Parade. They really take pride in the cause. There is a Calendar of dalmations with some of the Firefighters. If you haven’t seen the calendar call the guys down at 2 A-shift and ask to see a copy or where you can get ahold of a copy.
Anyway it is good to see the Firefighters in the Paper.

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