Station 10 in the 50′s

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This is station #10 which is now known as station #2. This picture was probably taken in the early 50′s. The vehicle on the far right is a 1918 model as well as the water tower 3rd from the left. I am not sure but the 1st on on the left looks to be a little later than the 1918 models and the rest look to be newer possibly late 40′s early 50′s. Just thought I would give you a fix from the past. Jenkins at #2 got a pretty good picture of the water tower. I believe I had posted something about it in a past post. It had wooden wheels and might have even had solid tires. All of the 1918 models came with solid tires, at a later date the department replaced them with inflatable tires. I am trying to locate the water tower now. I understand that it was at cycle systems and last seen there about 10 years ago.

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