Could it be Dr. Seuss

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I think I might have nabbed the Cat in the Hat. Although I have heard most of you ask if it is indeed me. Now before you go jumping to conclusions, remember that this is only a picture. This does not constitute proof of anything. Check back to see who else might indeed be Dr. Suess.
I can only say
Well what would you say
If they looked your way
You might squirm
Like a little worm
Or deny it all day long
Say it is someone else’s song
Maybe it is a few
Who are called thing one and thing two
Maybe it is one
And he is someone’s son
Or maybe they live at the Rock
And don’t have to follow the flock

Either way I am sure that you will know it is not me once the Real Dr. Seuss reads this in disgust. So be it. You do not know who Dr. Seuss really is and I think that it is hilarious. Such a peak of interest within the department that has cause such hostility for a couple and such hilarity for many.

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