The Color of Trucks

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An update to the Red fire trucks posts. I had an idea about this, however I was not exactly sure. Roanoke Fire Department started with red fire trucks up until the 1918 models were bought. The 1918 model trucks (which were purchased in 1918 and the years following) were grey. The 1950 model trucks (built in that era) were also grey, these include the grey ghosts. I am told that Squad 1 was purchased red. The fire trucks remained grey until ? I am guessing the 70′s. At this time the trucks were bought painted yellow. Not the Chesterfield yellow, more of the Henrico lime/yellow. I am not sure of the exact number of fire trucks that were yellow, however it does not seem like too many. Maybe a half a dozen. Maybe someone can fill me in. Then in 1983 the trucks were once again bought painted red. So there you have it. The reason why I do not have much information on the yellow trucks is 1) They weren’t yellow long 2) That era was not as historically cataloged as others 3) 80% of the current department was not here then 4) The city guys are not to proud of the days when our trucks looked like the County (I couldn’t resist).

I will look forward to more information from you all. I am getting geared up for another rush on the history once all the MDA fundraising is complete for the year. Just remember that the Fill the Boot is coming up August 26,27,28. Contact your Shift Vice President to sign up or contact me by email.

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