3 Fires today kept Roanoke’s Bravest busy

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There were 3 structure fires as of 2300 hours today.
4224 Quail Drive NW. Fire showing out of a window in this single family dwelling. Responding trucks were E10, E4, E5, E13, L13, M2, M6, RS1, Chief 3, BC2, Service Truck 2. Interior crews were able to extinguish the fire quickly.
507 Hershberger. An outbuilding was on fire at this residence. Responding units were E10, E13, L2, M9, M10, Investigation 1, BC2, BC4, RS1. The fire was quickly contained.
2005 Greenbrier Ave. SE Hooker Furniture. A second alarm was pulled on this fire. Responding trucks were E6, E3, E5, E14, E2, E11, L1, L2, L13, M2, M6, M3, BC1, BC2, RS1, Chief 2, Chief 3, Service Truck 1, Investigation 1, Fire Marshal 1. The sprinkler system in a spray booth kept the fire contained and the interior crews extinguished the fire without much extension.
Another safe day in Roanoke considering the fires. 3 more jobs done right by Roanoke’s Bravest.

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