"Blue Mass" for the Firefighters, Police, Sheriffs at St. Andrews Oct. 19th

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The Blue Mass was started in 1934 to honor those of us who serve the public. This year the Knights of Columbus here in Roanoke are celebrating their Local Public Safety Personnel with a Blue Mass. The event will be held at 7 pm on October 19th at St. Andrews Catholic Church. The event is for all public safety personnel including firefighters, sheriffs deputies, police officers, paramedics, etc. You do not have to be Catholic to attend, all personnel are welcome. There will be Chiefs, Administrators, local and state dignitaries there as well. Plan on attending. There will be a talented Pipes company there as well as some great songs played. A small reception will follow at St. Andrews. Class A uniforms will be recommended as we will be in a house of God. I will post more information as I learn it.

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