Roanoke City Live Dispatch

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I am looking for interested persons who have information and the know-how to set up Live Dispatch on the Web for Roanoke City 911. You can check out several at Some Virginia live dispatches are Troutville, Charlottesville, and Dale City. I have researched the possibility and have come to the conclusion that this is better left to someone who knows what they are doing. If you know how to set this up or know of someone who can, please contact me. I appreciate it and I think that it would be neat to have this capability for people who want to know what is going on here in Roanoke. I have added the frequencies for Roanoke City below. I have not tested them to see if they work or not. I believe that Roanoke City is a trunked system now and I will attempt to get those frequencies for those of you into the trunked system.
These are the Roanoke City frequencies per
155.1300 Roanoke City Police(F1)
155.4900 Roanoke City Polic(F2)
453.0500 Roanoke City Sheriff
159.1500 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue
154.3100 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue
155.8200 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue (Dispatch)
453.9000 Roanoke City Fire&Rescue (TAC)
460.3500 Roanoke City
458.7750 Roanoke City Office of Emerg Service Ch.1
453.7750 Roanoke City Office of Emerg Service Ch.2
463.0500 VA EMS MED 3 (Lewis Gale Hospital)
463.0750 VA EMS MED 4 (Roanoke Memorial)
462.9500 VA EMS MED 9 (Allegheny Regional Hospital)
155.3850 Life Guard 10

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