HTR response today for a vehicle into a house

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The Roanoke Fire-EMS HTR team responded with Engine 11 to a single vehicle accident – vehicle into a house. The pictures below show the route the vehicle took to attain “Dukes of Hazzard” style points. Apparently the driver stated that her foot got caught on the gas pedal.
Above: You can see the point of entry on the obstacle course. Through the driveway the picture was taken from, brushing against the FORD on the left, between the two bushes pictured on the right, over the 5 foot retainment wall, onto the next driveway.
Above: Here you can see that she side swiped the house on the right knocking the meter off of the house, running over the gas grill (which you can see laying in the yard), over a 3 step drop, into the yard (you can see the tracks where she landed).
Above: Here the car rests neatly tucked into the basement of the house, not her house I might add).
Here you can see the vehicle nicely tucked away inside the house. I don’t think this is what they were looking for when they opened the door.
The Roanoke County HTR team was called in as well to supply Roanoke City with enough lumber to shore up the damage and insure no structural collapse. Engine 11 was Command, while HTR was Operations sector. I am not sure how many other units responded. The driver refused treatment and transport, although she apparently appeared a little shaken up.

This is what Roanoke Fire-EMS put out about the wreck:

ical Rescue Truck for a total of 12 personnel responded to the scene.

Fire crews responded to a car that had left a home on Gillette Ave., went through the back yard and hit the house on Craig Robertson Rd. The house had to be stabilized before the car could be removed. Both the City of Roanoke Heavy Tactical Rescue (HTR) Truck and Roanoke County’s Heavy Tactical Rescue (HTR) Truck were used to remove the car from the foundation of the home on Craig Robertson Rd.

There were no injuries to citizens or Fire-EMS personnel. Damage estimates to the home on Gillette Ave. are approximately $15,000. Damage estimates to the home on Craig Robertson Rd. are approximately $20,000.

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