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Guiseppe Barranco- The News staff writer

JOHNSONS BAYOU – Tougher than a coffin nail with hearts of solid gold, six firefighters from Roanoke, Va. are challenging the effects of Hurricane Rita and working hard to mend the lives of several victims in Johnsons Bayou, La.

Just like millions of other citizens, all but one of the Johnsons Bayou volunteer firefighters evacuated their homes when Rita approached the coast.

With families to tend to and no homes to return to, the volunteer firefighters continued to remain evacuated well after the storm with only one tool to prevent a fire from burning their town – hope.

That was until Oct. 5, when hope delivered a highly specialized team from across the Eastern U.S. to assist the weather beaten town.

Originally intended for fire suppression, the team traveled cross country to fight fires, but ultimately found themselves caring enough to kick start the future of the community by helping to restore municipality buildings and resident’s homes.

“These guys are a God send,” Eli M. Broussard, said as the Virginians hauled ruined belongings out of his home to a trash pile down the road.

Lead by Battalion Chief, Jeff Beckner, of Virginia, the six man crew began helping Broussard after cleaning out the city’s firehouse, school cafeteria, EMS station and blue-roofed several homes.(HERE)

It is good to see our Brothers in the news. They are slated to be back the end of this week as I understand. Check out the article for a picture of 1st Lt. Phillip Dillon.

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