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So you want to be informed?
You want to know what the City is up to. More importantly you want to be up to date on the Fire-EMS Department. Then listen up.
You can get email communication from Roanoke City. All you have to do is visit this
site and sign up. It is as easy as that. Pick the topics you would like to be informed about and kick back. Roanoke City will send you an email about your chosen topics.

MyRoanoke: “Tired of spam? With MyRoanoke, you can receive the information you want, when you want it. Just tell us a little bit about you and let us know what sorts of things you like. We’ll send you only the e-mail that interests you.

You can enter a conventional e-mail address to receive regular messages. If your pager or cell phone provider offers a text messaging service, you can also use that e-mail address*. If you want to receive some messages with your regular e-mail account and some with your pager or cell phone, sign up each address separately.”

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