Who are you? Why are we here?

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Check out this blog I found, I have not had time to read up on all the past posts, however the fire related posts seem to have some good content thus far. I suggest you check him out. He is located down in A-R-I-Z-O-N-A, and no that is not in M-E-X-I-C-O…
Who are you? Why are we here?: “I just spent 30 minutes trying to start a fire. We are “bbqing” tonite, and yes I am at work the firemen cannot start a fire. No one had matches or a lighter so someone (someone = me) got the bright idea of lighting paper on fire via the toaster well we did make smoke, but that was about it. We tried a car ciggarette lighter (note: some newer cars do not have ciggarette lighters) but the car thing doesn’t matter cause, yup you got it just more smoke. We then saw what appeared to be people laughing and a big fire in the bbq. So it seems they found some matches. It was appearantly more fun to watch us then just give us the matches. I got my revenge when it came to dishes time. Ha now whos a sucker Wade and Dustin you beeshes. So now we are watching the biggest loser, I just gotta say “these people are fat and all thers problems are they eat to much and don’t exercise” That is it, sooooooooo I find the show funny especially when they cry and expect us to feel bad as they explain there problems with food. Now 2 of the fatties are going to the hospital after running. I am sorry but that is funny to me.”

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