Fire at 1016 Welton Ave.

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The Roanoke Fire-EMS Department responded to a fire on November 19, 2005 at 1016 Welton Ave.

The call was received through the 9-1-1 Center at approximately 10:32 p.m. and was quickly under control. The response of two Engines, one Ladder truck, two Medic Units, one EMS Captain & one Battalion Chief, for a total of 15 personnel responded to the fire.

When crews arrived they found a two story brick house with smoke coming from the chimney. After further investigation, crews found a chimney fire. The fire was contained to the chimney and did not extend into the structure. Fire crews extinguished the fire with no damage to the structure. The fireplace insert was removed from the home.

When the fire started there were 3 people in the residence. They all escaped unharmed. There were no injuries to citizens or Fire-EMS personnel.

The fire started in the chimney and was contained to the chimney. The estimated cause was failure to clean the chimney. Preliminary damage estimates are approximately $1,000.

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