Lt. Randy Obenchain Retires

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Photo taken January 8, 1991
Lieutenant Randy Obenchain will retire Monday, November 28th. Randy, the brother of Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain, will retire with 27 years of service. Randy came to work for the Roanoke Fire-Department on January 2, 1979. When he was hired he was stationed at Fire Station #3 for about 3 years. Randy spent 5 years at Fire Station #1 from 1984-1989. Later after he was promoted to Lieutenant in 1989 he returned to Fire Station #3 for 10 more years. Randy has been a reliable Lt. that numerous other pump operators have looked to for answers, training, and assistance. Randy is currently stationed at Fire Station #14 where he has been assigned for almost 7 years.

Randy, we hope you enjoy your retirement. You will not be forgotten when you are gone. I am sure there will be stories told for years about you and some of the things you got away with. God Bless you and your family.

If you would like to stop by #14 and wish Randy well, you can do so on Monday, November 28th. There will be light snacks and refreshments served from 1300 till 1600 hours.

There will be a Retirement Dinner on December 8th at 1830 hours at Jersey Lily’s. Everyone is invited.

Photo circa 1982-1984, Engine 6
L-R FF Jimmy Poindexter, Capt. Maurice Wiseman, FF Randy Obenchain

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