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My dark little corner of cyberspace:
Hey! We’re a busy station after all!
Friday was an interesting day on shift. We have gotten so used to it being slow out of this house, that we’ve gotten a bit complacent. Not about how we do our job or the level of service we provide, but just that we tend to get used to staying around the house and training and not running as many calls as other companies.

The day started out fairly normal. We did our station chores and our truck checks. We were short-handed, again. Our one captain called in sick, the other captain was still out of town for a training class, one of the lieutenants was on vacation, as well as one of the other firefighters. So, we wound up getting a couple fill-in people, but we were still running with less people than we should have.

Here is another blog that I found of a Career IAFF firefighter. Check it out. Interesting reading.

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