The RFFA to Document Firefighters License Plates

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The RFFA to Document Firefighters License Plates

The Roanoke Firefighters have begun a project to document Firefighter’s License Plates in an picture gallery.

This is a project we have begun to document Firefighters personalized license plates. If you would like to submit a picture of your license plates email Your picture will be processed and added. We ask that the picture be of your license plate, and a jpg or gif file. If you would like to incorporate your vehicle in the picture please make sure that the license plate is legible. The license plate must be related to the Fire Service and/or EMS. Pass this on to your friends as well.

Check it out, although it is in the beginning stages. If you help get the word out, the gallery is sure to take off. Email your fellow firefighters, departments and organizations. Post it on your websites and blogs.

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