Johnson Bayou Remembrance Sticker

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Remembrance Sticker for Johnson Bayou, Louisiana

The holidays are now among us here at Roanoke Fire-EMS. We are all preparing to have wonderful times and memories with our families and friends. However, our neighbors in Johnson Bayou, LA are still struggling from the havoc created from hurricane Rita. The deployment team has been in contact with the fire chief in Johnson Bayou ever since our return. It’s a slow go. Very little assistance has still come and they don’t expect the electricity to be turned on until Feb. 2006. The supporting department we are, I’m asking for some holiday donations to continue our support of our Gulf Coast friends.

I have created a “REMEMBRANCE” sticker for Johnson Bayou, LA.
The stickers come in two sizes. A medium sized window decal or a smaller helmet sticker. It will come in royal blue and white. I will fax the design to all stations to see.

Donations Window sticker $3 Helmet sticker $1

I have already ordered a limited number. If you are interested, please contact me so I can order more. Delivery will be in 5-10 days.

Remember, it is the holidays and Roanoke Fire-EMS is always helping someone’s dreams come true.

Thank you, Lt. Chad Riddleberger Station #2C”

Feel free to contact me as well and I can pass the information along to Chad.

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