Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to everyone. I wish you all a fun and enjoyable day with your family, whether you are at home or at work. I am at work today, hey someone’s got to do it, right. I am probably looking at a quiet day though.

I want to share some statistics with you now, as a recap of the past several months. I am doing this because I am at a loss of stuff to post. The history vault only has one Christmas picture that I know of. So I will entertain you with some statistics.

Roanoke Firefighters Blog
Posts: 311
Months Online: 10 months, Site began March 9, 2005
Total Visitors: 12,832
Total Pageviews: 22,517
Average Visits per day: 75
Average Pageviews per day: 129
Average Visit Length: 2:17

Local 1132/Roanoke Fire Fighters Association
Months since new website: 7 months, Site was revamped in June 05′
Total Pages on site: 68
Total Visitors: 3227
Total Pageviews: 12,189
Average Visits per day: 24
Average Pageviews per day: 82
Average Visit Length: 3:52

So the point is that our sites are being read. I get email from across the U.S. about things I have posted on this site, or about the history, etc. which is housed on the Local 1132 site. I have spoken to readers via email, google talk, and the phone about Roanoke. I have heard from guys who want to work here, want to know what it is like to work here, and want to know what the area is like. I speak with guys who used to work here, live here, or know guys who still work here. I have been able to send people in the right direction who are looking for information. All of that is great, and that is one reason why I do what I do.

The other thing that drives me to do this site, and continually add to the Local 1132 site, is you my brothers and sisters here in Roanoke. I do it because I think that it can make a difference. I have seen differences it can make. I hear from you guys all the time. I get emails, phone calls, and comments in person about how you guys like the site. I get ideas, recommendations, and material to use. To date I have only heard of one person who does not like the site, for whatever reason. Then there are those of you who do not see things from my point of view, which is fine. Readership is what I am after. I am not trying to shock anyone, merely tell a story.

What would it be like if we could go to a website and read what was written 100 years ago? There probably would be less questions. That is not an option, however in 100 years it might be.

The Local 1132 website is growing by leaps and bounds. If you have not checked it out in a while, I suggest you take a gander at some of the added pages.

If you have any questions, comments, or the like please let me know at

God Bless you and your Family during the Holidays.


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