2005 Annual Awards Banquet

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The 2005 Annual Awards Banquet was held last night at the Clarion Hotel in Roanoke. The event was a success and deviated from the past Banquets in the fact that we did not have a keynote speaker. Instead, President Jordan spoke of the state of the RFFA, where we were heading, and what we need to do to be more successful. I also had a small presentation to inform and educate the attendants of www.local1132.org and The Maurice Wiseman Project. I would have liked to have had more time to do a more polished presentation, but the truth is that I was not sure I was going to make it to the Banquet until Wednesday, and did not much more warning of the presentation. The new officers were sworn in, including me as the new Secretary/Treasurer – The others were the same as last year. We were sworn in by RFFA President Emeritus Duane Dixon. Duane retired in 1988 with 25 years of service. He is also the VPFF Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus. More awards were given out this year than in the past as well. This is thanks to Captain Teddy Adkins for developing a process of awarding other awards than just Firefighter(s) of the Year. Individual accommodations as well as Company citations were handed out. President Jordan spoke of the realization that there were certainly more events which were award worthy, but it cannot be considered unless a letter is written. Remember that this year and into the future when you witness an act of Bravery, Courage, or Selfless Brotherhood which is out of the norm.

FF Jeremy Bennington and FF Chuck Sharp receive the Firefighter of the Year award.
If you are a Roanoke City Firefighter and did not attend this years Banquet, I suggest you attend next year. If you have any suggestions for the next Banquet contact one of the committee members.

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