Breaking News – Fire at Roanoke College

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Salem Fire Department is on scene of a large fire on the campus of Roanoke College. Numerous Roanoke County Fire Apparatus are filling in throughout Salem. Salem consists of only 3 stations. I understand that Elliston, Cave Spring, and some others are filling in Salem and other Roanoke County Stations.
Ok, apparently the magnitude of the fire was high because of the fact that there were Fire Companies filling in Salem and surrounding Fire Stations.

The fire was actually at St. Pierre Salon.

Roanoke City units are on scene of a single family dwelling fire at 2222 Hanover Ave. NW, which was just marked under control. I will update as I find out more.

Maybe I should pull out the old scanner and program it for Roanoke frequencies.

There were no confirmed injuries at either of the fires.

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