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Raleigh Addresses Minority Firefighter Recruitment – Firehouse.com News:
Raleigh city leaders want to establish a partnership with Shaw University as part of a plan to recruit more minorities to serve with the city’s firefighters.

A special City Council task force is looking to actively change the makeup of the Raleigh Fire Department, of which only 16 percent of the force is made up of minorities and women.

“We know we have a problem, so I say ‘No more business as usual,’” Raleigh City Councilman James West said Tuesday.

Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen said that although progress has been made over the past four training academies — minority and female hires stand at nearly 27 percent — more needs to be done.

In addition to partnering with Shaw University to recruit candidates, city leaders will look to minority firefighters to take a more active role with recruiting at the high school level. Read More HERE.

First of all, I understand why Departments need to actively recruit minorities. That being said, I am all for recruitment. Here in Roanoke, it seems there is more of a need now for Paramedics than minorities. I know that this is a touchy subject. The way I see it, I could care less what race, gender, creed, or sexuality the person next to me is, as long as they are trained and competent. The truth is that Fire Departments should be searching for the right candidates period. FD’s should be seeking the individuals who are willing, able, courageous, brave, motivated, dedicated, and selfless, among other things. The FD’s should be recruiting young, in high school, and continuing in college for the right individuals. The potential candidates need to be taught what will be expected of them, and to what standards they will be held. For example, potential candidates need to know that a DUI conviction will eliminate them from hiring. In the past FD’s might have looked over it after a couple of years. The candidates need to know what will be expected of them so they can prepare for their future and seek the training they might need to get the job i.e. ALS certification. Realize that if your FD is not actively recruiting these candidate another FD is. Most FD’s want the percentages of the various ethnicities in the department to equal that of the general populous. Wouldn’t it make sense that if you actively recruit high school students and collegians in your city/area you will end up with as diverse a workforce as the area population. I am not a recruitment guru, that is just the way I see it.

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