Roanoke Firefighters Blog Returns to its Roots

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Roanoke Fire Department Roster 1907-2006
That is right, today the blog returns to its roots. I promised you a roster in the beginning. Over 300 posts ago, the plan was to give you a roster of every firefighter ever in the Roanoke Fire Department. I have finally gotten it to the point of publish. Realize that this is an ongoing process. There will be information to add, correct, and delete. The roster, which is part of The Maurice Wiseman Project, incorporates almost 1300 firefighters since the Department went paid in 1907. Local 1132 would appreciate any and all information be sent to Please check out the roster and look for your name if you are one of Roanoke’s Bravest, past or present. Be sure to check for relatives to. Travis Collins and myself have been working on this roster for a long time, we are up front in admitting to possible errors. Please be patient with us as we work to correct any mistakes. Also look for the roster of the Volunteers in the future.

Check out the Roster here

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