Florida Teens Get Jump On Firefighting, EMS Careers – Firehouse.com News

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Florida Teens Get Jump On Firefighting, EMS Careers – Firehouse.com News:
TAMPA – A unique three-year course offered for the first time at Jefferson High School in Tampa and Durant High in Durant will give students a head start on careers as firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

Graduating seniors will be eligible to test as EMTs and will need only 200 hours of hands-on training at Hillsborough Community College before they can take the state firefighter exam.

That will put them a step ahead of those who wait until after high school to take the traditional 450-hour course at HCC, said Tampa’s top firefighter.

“You’ll jump right to the head of the line,” Tampa Fire Chief Dennis Jones told students at a recent orientation session.(Read More)

This is what I call recruitment. This enables Fire Departments to inform potential candidates what will be expected of them, get them trained early, and possibly keep them out of trouble. Hopefully this will catch on, and we will see this in more and more cities across the nation. I would love to get involved in this type of program.

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