IAFF Locals across the Nation

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What are other IAFF locals up to in the United States and Canada? What problems are they facing? What issues are most prevalent? Who are they raising money for? What successes have they had? What about other locals right here in Virginia?

For the answer to these questions, and other questions, you should check out the Complete IAFF Local Listing hosted by none other than Roanoke’s Bravest Local 1132. That is right, Local 1132 currently has the most up to date list of IAFF Union websites on the internet. There are some other websites out there who do a very good job. But none are as complete as this one. This listing is a tool for IAFF Locals to use to become better informed. The locals in regions, states, and districts can network using the websites, and the information they contain to better themselves and others.

I recommend checking out the websites which are listed on the website, and really taking a closer look at what is going on across the Nation. I have viewed probably about 75% of the sites on the listing, which contains approximately 600 websites listed numerically as well as indexed by state.

More and more locals each day are realizing the effectiveness of the IAFF Local listing, and linking to it instead of just adding a few links here and there. Some have even taken the entire page and put it up on their site. If you would like to link to the page, feel free. That is what it is there for.

If you know of a link that needs to be added, let me know. If you notice a bad link, let me know. Otherwise, check the listing occasionally to see what is going on.

I also recommend checking the Virginia IAFF Locals occasionally to see what is keeping them busy. There are a lot of events coming up and some of them are listed on Local 1132′s site, an some more can be found on the VPFF site.

View the Complete IAFF Local Listing here.

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