The Book Begins

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After speaking with numerous publishing companies in an effort to produce a book by this time next year, I have finally begun the next chapter of The Maurice Wiseman Project. And so it begins, the stage is set to have a book roll out by this time next year, if everything goes smoothly. (CORRECTION)The picture above is that of Fire Station #2 located at 4th and East. During the life of this blog I have posted numerous pictures, most of which can be seen at the Local 1132 site. The picture above represents all the pictures you have not seen, unless that is you bump into Travis or I and we have time to scroll through them with you. We are closing in on 5000 images, documents, and articles. So with any luck, I will find the time to complete this book. Hopefully, this book will be the first of at least 2. The second will be a detailed account of the history of the Fire Department. This book will take a lot more research. Luckily, Maurice Wiseman has done a lot of that research, I just need to decipher the information correctly, and credit the proper sources.

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