Digital ink : Firefighters Are Healthy, Too

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I find this story interesting because I have been trying to eat healthier at the station and at home. I have found myself eating more salads than anything. I can understand how someones cholesterol could get high though. Some of the stuff we eat on a regular basis is not very healthy.
Check out the story and follow the link. The Firefighters who are featured in this story have their own website.

Digital ink : Firefighters Are Healthy, Too:

Firefighters Are Healthy, Too

This morning over breakfast, my boyfriend was talking about the atrocious eating habits of firefighters and how really, it’s no surprise that heart attacks are the leading cause of death for that occupation.

After breakfast, I hopped online to read the New York Times online and as it turns out, not all firefighters are unhealthy. A group of five firefighters at Firehouse 2 in Austin, TX have gone vegan. This happened after one firefighter received the results of a cholesterol test — his level was 344. “High-risk” is considered 240 and over. So, they changed their ways.(Read More)

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