Fire at 1700 Jefferson

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Here is the building involved in the incident. The building sits across from the Mills.

Roanoke Fire-EMS Crews are working a fire at the new building being built across from the mills on Jefferson St. The correct address might be 1598 Jefferson. From what I understand the call went out at 1120 hours and that there were around 10 workers on the roof with the fire below them. This building is under construction and is about 6-7 stories tall. Last I heard there were only 3 men still on the roof and that the fire was on the 3rd floor.

Engine 11, Engine 3, and Ladder 1 on Scene

The units on scene were as follows: E8, E3, L1, L7, B1, B2, Service Truck 2 RS1, M3,M6, M1, Chief 2 & 3

According to a firefighter on scene it seemed as though the fire was in 5 or 6 5+ foot stacks of foam wallboard that spread to framing wood and boxes. The fire started on the 5th floor going to the roof then to the 4th and 3rd floors via a 2×2 foot support beam that had plywood around it. They evacuated 8 from the roof.

Although I believe the fire might still be under investigation to find the cause of the fire.
style=”text-align: center;”>Here Ladder 1 is supplied by Engine 8 (out of picture to the right) and the Aerial is used as an elevated master stream. Thanks to Travis Collins for all the pictures.

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