Firefighter Ed Teran Tribute

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I do not report on all of the Line of Duty Deaths (LODD), not because I do not care. Actually there are several dedicated sites that report LODD’s and actually give justice to the honor of the Fallen Brothers/Sisters. Instead, I report on the Fallen occasionally. I believe I did report on Ed Teran when he died. I merely pointed to another site that had all the information on his death. So tonight I was checking out the IAFF Local Listing, and updating links, and I clicked on the Riverside City Local 1067 site. I noticed the picture and link to Ed’s page. So I checked it out. Here is where it gets interesting. They have got a great tribute video of his Memorial/Funeral service. The video is played to Bag Pipes and a tribute of what being a firefighter is all about. Check out the video and other photo galleries on Ed’s page. There is also a decent photo slideshow on the page featuring pictures of Ed throughout his life.

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