Roanoke City Council Campaign 2006

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Most of you all know that there are 3 positions open this year for Roanoke City Council. I have posted the names of the candidates I know of below. You can find more information on them (HERE). I am not going to endorse any of the candidates on this site at this time due to my position with the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association. The RFFA has not held interviews yet, and I will be there for most of them hopefully. I will say that I have met most of the candidates. I have heard this and that, but I like to form my own opinions.

I will explain my view of elections Locally, Statewide, and Nationally. Who is going to support me the best as a firefighter? Who is going to put the most money in my pocket? Who is going to support my Brother/Sister Firefighters and I across the nation? Who is going to make the funds available to enable Fire Departments to live up to everyone’s expectations?

Those are the bare bones ideals that help me decide on a candidate. Don’t get me wrong, I do care what is going on over in Iraq, as well as the rest of the World, and no I do not believe in abortion. But these are not the issues which I feel truly effect me the greatest. Plus it seems as though my Candidate choices have fallen in line with my secondary issues.

As far as Local elections are concerned. I am single issue. Either the Candidate supports Firefighters/Public Safety or not. Some have a track record either way. Others have said one thing…BIG SHOCK COMING…and done the opposite. So hopefully the Roanoke City Council can be rounded out this election for our benefit.

Keep an eye open for future information on the Candidates.

Democratic ticket:
Granger MacFarlane – Virginia Senator from 1984-1991.
David Bowers – Roanoke City Mayor (1992 – 2000); Roanoke City Council (1984-1992); Attorney.
William White – Roanoke City Council 1990-2002; Accountant.

Republican ticket: Leadership for a Change
Mark McConnel – Architect at Katz McConnel + Associates Architectural + planning firm downtown.
Stuart Revercromb – Director of Adult Ministries at Raliegh Court Presbyterian Church.

Independent ticket: “For the City
Alfred Dowe - Representative at the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.
David Trinkle – Geriatric Psychiatrist.
Gwen Mason – Former Manager of the U.S. Dept. of the Interior.

Other Independents:
Bill Lockard – Runs his own Handy Man Business.
Chris Craft – ?
Carl Cooper -Transition Counselor at the West End Center for Youth.

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