Idle Time

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I apologize for the lack of posts recently. Part of the reason for it is that I did not want to cover up the posts about Captain Johnny Price. I also have been extremely busy recently. I will be catching up this week hopefully. I have this coming cycle off, however that does not mean that I will be vacationing. I hope to get back on track, but I cannot make any guarantees.

On Tuesday I will be at the Union hall for the Retirees Breakfast. All current and former Roanoke Firefighters are welcome. I will comment on the event later Tuesday night.

This week I start Fire Instructor II. Not that I really have time to take classes, I said “what the hell” and signed up.

I wish I could point you to some interesting sights, etc. However, the truth is that I have not been on the up and up recently. Just check out the links on the right hand side. It might be the largest listing of Fire and EMS related Blogs on the NET. But who is keeping track.

If you have any leads, let me know.

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