John Price

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If a man’s legacy can be measured by the reciprocal love shown to him in death, I believe that Captain John Price will be remembered for a very long time.

The extent of Johnny’s caring and brotherhood was much larger than the several instances I saw him in action feeding the Firefighters of the Roanoke Valley.

I have been to numerous funerals for firefighters, but none quite like this one.

Most I have not known, but I chose to stand as part of the Honor Guard so that the ones who knew them could reflect.

I hope that once I am older, and my comrades join the heavens, I will be shown the same respect by the younger generation.

I would like to share with you my reflections during the Ceremony.

Chris, one of the sons, began with a heart wrenching poem. I am not sure how he managed through the entire reading, but he did.

The Eulogy spoke of Johnny’s life, and how he lived life to its fullest. Priests everywhere should be using that sermon.

The amount of Active and Retired Firefighters present really spoke well of Johnny. I understand that around 800 people showed up to the viewing, most waiting 3 hours to see the family.

The procession to the cemetery spoke volumes.

Oncoming vehicles stopped and put on their lights…

Mechanics laid down their wrenches and came to the street to pay homage…

Bankers came out to pay respects…

EMT’s andSheriff’s saw Johnny’s procession out of downtown…

The stop lights were blinking…

The town was in mourning…

The interment was amazing to say the least.

Words were spoken on behalf of Johnny, before his body was laid to eternal rest

Then Franklin County put out tones for Johnny and wished him and his family well

Then the bell was struck 5-5-5-5 for Johnny, boy did that bell sound good

Bagpipes followed, which left very few dry eyes

The bagpiper played in to the gravesite and then played out over the hill

It truly was poetic

The single biggest thought that I took away with me from the events today was ‘When I die, will I have made an impact like Johnny has?’

The second thought I had was that I am getting worse at holding back a tear.

Then I thought of all the Brother and Sister Firefighters who showed up to the funeral today.

I am proud to be a Roanoke Firefighter.

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