DCist: Fighting Fires in Cleveland Park? (Updated)

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This is a prime example of why you need to be aware of what you are doing, when you are doing it, and in front of whom. I am not saying that these firemen are guilty, but this guy is pretty sure of what he thinks he saw. A complaint like this would be hard to explain away to the Chief. If indeed these guys were drinking on duty, well that is plain ole stupid.

DCist: Fighting Fires in Cleveland Park? (Updated):

Fighting Fires in Cleveland Park? (Updated)

Is this allowed?

Last night, as dusk set upon the District, we sat outside Four Green Fields in Cleveland Park enjoying a quiet meal. A large fire truck, pictured at right, slowly ambled down Connecticut Avenue, stopping in front of a public library between Newark and Macomb Streets. Out jumped a number of firemen, who promptly but unhurredly walked behind the restaurant where we were sitting. Minutes later, we spotted them inside enjoying a few beers.

We’re not questioning whether or not firemen should be allowed to have a beer now and then to soothe the nerves on a calm night. We are wondering, though, are they really allowed to use their truck to get from the station to the bar where they’ll be enjoying those beers (considering also that the station was a mere two blocks north)? Supposing that they need to be close to their truck in case a fire is reported, should they be fighting fires after having some beers at the local bar? (Read More)

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